Self-Ligating Braces

Ordinary traditional braces use elastic bands or o-rings in hold the archwire with the brackets. Self-ligating braces does not require ligatures or small bands-o-rings. Instead, self-ligating braces uses a unique clip to hold the arch wire in place. This special clip is available whether you choose metal or translucent ceramic self-ligating braces. Self Ligating braces are thus often referred to as speed braces, as the brace system creates less friction in between the wires and brackets. Self-ligating braces are offered in traditional metal brackets as well as clear brackets.

Self-Ligating Bracket Side View

Traditional Brackets

Self-Ligating Brackets


The two most popular brand of Self-Ligating Braces include:


Damon Braces


Damon 2 Braces

By combining passive self-ligating brackets with high-tech archwires, the Damon System is a unique mechanical system that permits low forces to work in conjunction with face, tongue muscles, bone and tissue. Low forces minimize discomfort.

Damon 3 braces

The original Damon and Damon 2 system consists of metal based arch wire locking brackets

The new Damon 3 braces system brackets are consists of a combination of both clear materials and stainless steel.

Advantages of the Damon System:

  • Damon braces enables extraordinary results
  • Damon braces allows faster treatment time and fewer appointments for certain cases
  • Damon braces provides better patient comfort
  • Fewer extractions are required for certain cases using the damon system


3M Unitek SL Clarity Braces


3M Unitek SL Braces

3M Unitek SL self-ligating braces are available in two styles - metal and translucent ceramic in fitting to orthodontic needs of patients.

3M Clarity Braces Smile

3M self-ligating braces provides:

  • Comfort : 3M self-ligating braces move teeth with light forces
  • Convenient : teeth respond faster with less force and for certain cases require fewer adjustments than normal braces
  • Looks Great: the 3M self-ligating braces offers metal and translucent ceramic braces with the same great self-ligating features
  • Easy Oral Care : 3M self-ligating braces does not use elastic bands that tends to attract plaque and catch food making it easier to clean teeth and maintain good oral hygiene