Damon Braces

Damon Barces developed by Dr. Dwight Damon in corporate with Ormco corporation has had over 20 years of carefully evaluation on clinical mechanics in orthodontic treatment. By combining passive self-ligating brackets (that may be metal or clear) with high-tech archwires, the Damon System is a mechanical system allowing low forces to work in together with the biogical facial muscles, bone and tissue with low forces.
  • Advantages of the Damon Braces
  • Damon braces allows extraordinary results
  • Damon braces enables speed with faster treatment time and fewer appointments for certain cases
  • Damon braces gives better patient comfort
  • Damon braces allows easier oral care compared to traditional braces
  • Damon brackets feature a precision slide mechanism that is easy to use and simple
  • The Damon brackets provides four solid walls with no elastic ligatures to fatigue or springs that bend, control is thus assured from tooth to tooth and case to case
  • The Damon 3 clear braces consists of clear and stainless metal materials for both functionality and aesthetics


Ranges of Damon Braces


Types of Damon Brackets


Damon 2 Brackets

Damon 3 Brackets

Damon Smiles


Orthodontic Cases using Damon System


Case with Overcrowding

Before Damon Braces with teeth overcrowding

After Damon Braces Treatment

 Case with Class II Overbite

Before Damon Braces with Overbite

After Damon Braces Treatment