X-rays Machines

Dental diagnosis is an important aspect for a proper and successful treatment planning. Each of our dental clinics in Bangkok is fully equiped with a panoramic x-rays machine as well as intra-oral x-rays machines in for proper diagnoses.


Computerized 3D CT Scan

BIDC is the first dental clinic in Thailand with the latest Promax 3D CT digital imaging machine enabling detailed diagnostic and planning for complex dental implants cases and maxillofacial surgery.

Computed tomography (CT) is a diagnostic procedure that uses special X-ray equipment to create cross-sectional pictures of your body. CT images are produced using X-ray technology and powerful computers and provide a detailed insight no your bone and teeth structure.


Promax Panoramic, Cepha and Tomographic Digital X-rays Machine

The latest Promax panoramic digital x-rays from Planmeca is used at BIDC Dental Center. The Promax xray machine provides its superior image quality and wide range of exposure possibilities including panoramic, cephalometric and tomographic x-rays. Promax has a special transtomography program that uses multiple oscillation sweeps for veritcal segmentation and maximization of radiographic information. Due to digital segmentation of images, the advance Promax digital x-ray machine has researched reducing radiation exposure to individuals by up to 80%.

At BIDC dental clinic, advanced X-rays machines, microscopes,diagnositc units and other modern equipments are used at BIDC for a precision, thorough and a more accurate oral examination and treatment planning.

BIDC dental clinic works by a center screening system and a treatment consultation system whereby each portion of an individual's dental works are referred to and done only be dentists and specialists in their specific field of expertises. This ensures that all our patients at BIDC dental center are given proper and under experienced dental treatment and dental care.


Intraoral X-rays Machines

Our group of clinics have 6 intraoral x-rays machines from BlueX, Dabi Atlante and Gendex. The intraoral x-rays machines provide simple and fast small slide x-rays that enables our dental specialists to make the proper diagnoses for our patients.


Gendex Panoramic, Cep and Tomographic X-rays Machine

The Orthoralix 9200 X-rays system from Gendex has programs that allows configuring the system to the actual diagnostic requirements for radiological examinations over the whole maxillo-facial structure. It is a professional tool designed to provide a complete set of pre- and post-operative examinations giving the wide range of radiographic views.