Dental Implant Technologies

Technologies, techniques, materials surfaces and design for dental implants have significantly progressed over the past 20 years ensuring better primary stability leading to high success rates for dental implant treatments and greater comfort level.


Planmeca Promax 3D CTScan Dental Imaging At BIDC Main office

3D pre-operative planning software now provides an increased level of confidence and an extra margin of safety for patients as it enables viewing functionalities of axial, sagital and coronal images as well as cross-sections and panoramic images. The advanced digitial x-ray allows dental tomographic sliced x-rays for detailed morphologic diagnostics of facial bones maximizing the diagnostic value and provides excellent details for dental implant planning in 3 dimensions.

3D dental imaging softward allows visualization and simulattion of implant treatment plan and dental implant placement and bone augmentation procedures.


Promax Digital x-rays for precise treatment planand less radiation

The latest Promax panoramic digital x-rays from Planmeca is used at BIDC Dental Center. The Promax xray machine provides its superior image quality and wide range of exposure possibilities including panoramic, cephalometric and tomographic x-rays. Promax has a special transtomography program that uses multiple oscillation sweeps for veritcal segmentation and maximization of radiographic information. Due to digital segmentation of images, the advance Promax digital x-ray machine has researched reducing radiation exposure to individuals by up to 80%.


Straumann SLActive Dental Implants

The SLActive surface is a new revolutionary surface that optimizes its molecular structure enabling a further reduction of the average healing time from 6-8 weeks to 3-4 weeks. SLActive is based on the scientifically proven SLA surface topography, but exhibits a fundamentally improved surface chemistry. Due to its ideal conditioning, the chemically active and hydrophilic SLActive surface significantly promotes the initial healing reaction allowing a faster osseointegration process. Results illustrates that SLActive offers more implant stability in the early critical loading period relative to conventional implant surfaces


OsseoCare Implant Surgical Set

The OsseoCare Implant Surgical Set from Nobel Biocare a measurement and drilling device used in dentoalveolar surgery and implant site preparation redcing stress levels and increasing predictability of immediately loading dental implants as well as enhanced safety to patients.