Procera Crowns

Procera, developed by Nobel Biocare, currently has 2 ceramic ranges:

  • Procera® Crown Zirconia
  • Procera Crown Alumina


Advantages of Procera Crowns


Procera® Crown Zirconia

  • all–ceramic strength
  • zirconia for the higher load situations, extremely high flexural strength, 1200 MPa
  • 0.7 mm thickness for use in all indications
  • 0.4 mm thickness for the esthetic zone
  • utilizes superior zirconia strength and esthetics

Procera® Crown Zirconia

  • low fracture rate indicating minimal chipping smiliar to PFM crowns
  • alumina enables light transmission in the esthetic zone
  • optimal all-ceramic strength with good esthetics
  • 0.6 mm thickness for general usage in any position
  • 0.4 mm thickness for superior esthetics and translucency
  • Available in two colors for alumina: Translucent or White
  • long term clinical success data of over 15 years



BIDC Thailand Dental Center Dental Laboratories

BIDC Cosmetic Dental Center has dental laboratories located on the 7th floor its our dental building specializes in zirconia dental crowns and bridges.


Dental Makeover Porcelain Crowns Cases at BIDC Thailand Dental Hospital

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