Dental Units

Our group of clinic is equiped with more than 20 dental units from enouned manufacturers such as Anthos (German) , Actus (Japan) and Dabi Atlante (Europe). Our Anthos dental units has LED TV monitors for the viewing pleasure of our patients during treatment.



The Anthos Dental Units incorporates passive and active hygiene concepts with advanced technologies in maintaining high sterilization standards such as

U.V.A. System

O.D.R. Anti retraction System

Water Clean System

Simplified Hgiene System and Simplified Disinfection System

. Anthos units are wide and spacious for the comfort of patients.



The Actus Dental Unit is from J. Morita Corporation (Japan) includes has priority circuits in the handpiece operation system to ensure that two handpieces do not work simultaneously for safety reasons. The dental unit's light head handles are detachable and autoclavable for hygiene. Its lighting system is also sensor-based.


Dabi Atlante

The Dabi Atlante dental units are designed with hygienic concept in mind. The dental unit has a single central articulation facilitates cleaning system. The removable cuspidor is manufactured in ceramic enamel preventing residuals adherence thus ensuring ease of cleaniless.