Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces are an ideal orthodontic treatment option for adults orthodontics and individuals seeking to correct teeth without the appearance of wearing traditional metal braces or clear braces. With The lingual braces, brackets are installed behind the teeth making it impossible to detect even at close proximity.

At Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC)'s Invisbile Orthodontic Center, ALL our lingual braces cases are treated by orthdontists specializing in the specific field of lingual technique under the field of orthodontic dentistry. It is good practice to always check that your choosen orthodontist is properly trained in lingual orthdontics prior to opting for lingual braces in ensuring that proper treatment is given and executed for successful results.


Advantages of Lingual Braces

  • Lingual braces provide better aesthetics and non-visible in appearance as they are wear on the lingual side of teeth
  • Lingual braces a good option for adult professionals and teens in constant limelight
  • Lingual Braces do not distort lip contours and are virtually undetectable in normal social situations
  • Lingual Braces provide the same results as conventional braces in the same amount of time
  • Most patients are good candidates for lingual braces


Types of Lingual Braces

STb Light Lingual System

STb Light Lingual System is a new generation of lingual braces that are smaller in size delivering superior outcome. It is efficient, simplified, faster in treatment and provides greater patient comfort. STb brackets have the lowest bracket profile at just 1.5 mm.

Kurz 7th Generation Ormco Lingual System

The 7th Generation Ormco Lingual braces has been developed since the mid 1970 and is one of the most established and a pioneering lingual braces system.


Orthodontic Cases using Lingual Braces

Cases with Moderate Overcrowding

Before Lingual Braces Treatment

After Lingual Braces Treatment