Dental Implants

Dental implants functions similiar to having new tooth roots. With either crowns, fixed bridges or overdentures placed over on the dental implants posts in replacing missing teeth and gaps.

A dental implant is in general composed of 3 parts:

  1. Titanium dental implant post embedded in the bone/gums
  2. Abutment that is screwed to the titanium dental implant post and holds the crown
  3. Crown that is the false tooth over the implant

Dental implant treatment may be divided into two stages:

  1. First stage implant post placement : placement of the titanium dental implant post
  2. Second stage fixed prosthetic on implant: making the crown, bridge or overdentures (ie the false teeth) with the abutment to be fitted over the dental implant post


Types of Dental Implants

Immediate Implants, One day Implants or Same Day Implants

Existing teeth is removed and the titanium implant post placed on during the same surgical visit.

Immediate Loaded Implants or Immediate Loading Implants

The temporary or permanent fixed proshetics is loaded onto the implant posts immediately or shortly after placement of the titanium implant post. For full arch missing gap cases, immediate loaded implants may also be done using All-on-4 and All-on-6 dental implant option.

Conventional Implants

Done in two stages. The first phase involves the surgical placement of the implant posts. The implant posts are left to heal for at least 2 months. The second stage involves the fitting of fixed prosthetics (crowns, bridge or overdentures) on the implant posts. Conventional implants may be done for all case indications.

Immediate implants and immediate loaded implants may not be suited for all cases and is dependent on bone condition, dental condition and inidividual case. An initial examination, a panoramic, tomographic x-ray film and/or in certain cases a CT scan is done before your implantologist determines on the feasibility the type of implant to choose. Immediate implants and immediated implants may be done for single missing gap and multiple missing teeth. For missing gaps on full arch, immediate and immediate loaded implants may also be done using all-on-4 and all-on-6 dental implant treatment option.

Conventional implants may be done for all case indications. The conventional dental implants treatment procedure is normally the recommended dental implant treatment procedure for cases requiring bonegrafting and for full mouth reconstruction cases.


Dental Implants Options

Single, multiple or full arch implants may be done in replacing missings gaps.



Brands of Dental Implant Systems

There are a large number of dental implant system available on the market. Many individuals do enquire on the difference between dental implants systems. In general, when considering your brand of dental implant, below are some considerations determining your choice of dental implant system:

  1. Historical research case studies results/establishment
  2. Historical success rates over the medium to long-term
  3. Patented material technologies
  4. Branding of implant system carried within home country

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  • The top dental implant systems used worldwide:
  • Straumann : Straumann SLA dental implants
  • Nobel Biocare: Nobel Replace dental implants
  • Nobel Biocare: Branemark dental implants


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