Oral Surgery

Oral surgery includes various dental treatment requiring surgical procedure. Dental consultation, diagonsis and treatment plan with our dental specialists will first be required before oral surgery takes place.


Surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth

If wisdom teeth does not erupted properly, they are referred to as impacted. Impacted teeth can result in infection, decay of adjacent teeth, gum disease or other problems. Your dentist does a checkup and x-rays to determine if the wisdom teeth are impacted or problematic that warrants its removal. Otherwise, they may be kept and as useful as any other teeth.


Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction may be done for a variety of reasons. Normal tooth extraction is a simple process and is normally completed in one visit. After tooth is removed, the gums is usually left to heal before the gap is replaced by dental bridges, dental implants or dentures in preventing predispose teeth or bone resorption n the long term.


Orthognathic surgery

Orthognathic surgery or surgical correction of jaw excess/deficiency involves the surgical repositioning of the maxilla, mandible, and the dentoalveolar segments to achieve facial and occlusal balance. One or more segments of the jaw can be simultaneously repositioned to treat various types of malocclusions and jaw deformities.


Bone graft surgery

Bonegrafting Involves placing bone materials in treating deep pockets in gingiva or creating bone density during dental implant treatment.


Dental implants

Dental implants functions similiar to having new tooth roots with either crowns, fixed bridges or overdentures placed on the dental implants posts in replacing missing teeth. Advances in materials surfaces and techniques has reduced dental implant treatment timeframe for certains cases from 6 months to just 4 to 6 several weeks.

Single dental implants, multiple dental implants or full arch dental implants may be done in replacing mising gaps.


Dental Diagnosis, Oral Examination & Treatment Planning

Pre-prosthetic surgery refers to any oral surgery treatment such as gingivectomy or crown-lengthening that is done prior to restorative dental works in re-establishing function of teeth or improving esthetics of teeth.