Bonding or Direct Veneers at BIDC Thailand Dental Center

Bonding, also called direct veneers, are composites applied onto tooth surfaces as veneers in resolving irregularities in teeth or fixed chipped or damaged teeth.

A smile can be significantly improved by bonding composite materials to the facial surfaces of teeth. Direct bonding or composite veneers require minimal preparation and in general are popularly used as an additive procedure.

Advantages of Direct Veneers

  • composite veneers tend to be less expensive than porcelain veneers and crowns
  • composite veneers is quick completed in one session
  • composite veneers is commonly done for teeth repair or touch up in the mouth
  • composite veneers requires minimal preparation

Dental Makeover Cases at BIDC Dental Hospital

Bonding in repairing chipped tooth



 Bonding in covering irregularities in teeth



With natural esthetics and advances in techniques, a dental makeover can now be done in a matter of days!

See our case gallery done at Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC).