Technology : AirFlow® Machines


AirFlow® Machines

Dental plaque is found on teeth surfaces and if not removed is the most common cause of oral diseases and gum inflammation. HIstorical studies have shown that high-quality plaque control prevents and controls gingivitis, periodontitis, as well as dental caries.

Plaque control is normally done daily by teeth brushing. Tooth brushing, however has a very limited access to the approximal surfaces of the back teeth. Professional teeth cleaning by your dentist is thus normally recommended at least bi-annally becuae it is the selective mode for plaque removal concentrating on teeth surfaces generally neglected normal tooth brushing.

In-office cleaning by dentist is carried out by means of small rotating brushes or rubber cups, scalers curettes or ultrasonic devices. The AIR-FLOW® Air Polising and Cleaning technology, developed by Electro Medical Systems (EMS), is an alternative and effective method for stain and plaque removal. The AIR-FLOW® method delivers a controlled stream of fine powder particles to the tooth surface through water spray and compressed air.


At BIDC Dental Clinic in Bangkok, the advance Airflow® Air polishing methdology to tooth polishing may be opted. 

The Airflow® Master combines two technologies in one: AIR-FLOW using the well known Original Air-Polishing Technology and the PERIO-FLOW Technology that allows safe subgingival treatment. This enables:
  • Easier access and regular swirling between the powder, the air and the water for a 3 cone discharge
  • Soft application of biokinetic energy of the original method AIR-FLOW®, meaning that there is no scratching on the tooth
  • Effective removal of the bio-fIlm until the base of the pocket-without damage of the root cement
  • Enduring reduction of the bacteria, tightening of the gum and the decrease of the pocket depth
  • Effective Perio-Polishing - with soft massaging of the gum included
  • Fast, reliable and tension free treatment without uncomfortable abrasors and noises, maximum comfort for the patient