Conventional Dental Implants

Conventional Dental Implants are done for all case indications and is the most established and commonly done dental implant procedure. Conventioanl dental implant procedures are done in two stages. The first phase involves the surgical placement of the implant posts. The implant posts are left to heal for about 2 months or more for osseointegration whereby the titanium dental implant post is left to integrate and fuse to the jaw bone. Thereafter when the dental implant post is securely embedded in jaw is the second stage done. The second stage conventional dental implant procedure involves the fitting of fixed prosthetics (crowns, bridge or overdentures) on the implant posts


Immediate Loaded Dental Implant Procedure

1. Checkup, consultation, treatment planning

Existing teeth and bone condition are first checked to determine if immediate loaded implants might be suited for your case.

At BIDC Dental Center, checkup, consultation and treatment planning for dental implant treatment with both our consutling dentist and implantologist are FREE. Contact Us at BIDC Dental Center.

2. Take Panoramic X-ray

A digital panoramic x-ray film is taken in checking bone condition. Only if required, for more complex cases, will your implantologist recommend for a CT Scan to be taken.

3. Dental Implant Post Placement

The titanium implant post placed is embedded in jaw. At this time, either a healing abutment may be screwed in or a temporary prosthetic (partial dentures or bridge) placed on during the osseointegration period.


3. Dental Implant is left for Osseointegration

The titanium implant post placed is left to heal for about 2 months or more in allowing the titanium dental implant post to be securely fused with the jaw. Advancements in material developments and techniques has not shorten the osseointegration period dramatically from a conventional 6-12 months periods down to 2 months or less.

4. Send prosthetic on Dental Implant to be made in Dental Laboratories

Tooth impression for the crown, bridge or overdenture is taken after the dental implant post placement is done and sent to the dental laboratories to be made. BIDC Dental Center is one of the few dental clinics in Thailand with a dental implant prosthetic laboratory within its same building for faster delivery timings and quality standards controls.

5. Placement of prosthetic on Dental Implant

The crown, bridge or overdenture is fitted on to the implant post upon delivery and adjusted accordingly.