Dentures at BIDC Thailand Dental Hospital


Dentures are artificial replacements for natural teeth in replacing missing gaps or unhealthy teeth. Dentures return chewing functionality.

Dentures can replace all of your teeth, few missing ones or one missing tooth. Complete dentures are usually made of an acrylic resin used to replace all missing teeth. Partial dentures may be made acrylic resin, metal or a combination of both in replacing one or several missing teeth..

Advantages of Dentures

  • Dentures helps to improve the appearance and existing teeth shifting into missing areas
  • Dentures add support for facial structures
  • Dentures replace missing teeth
  • Dentures enables better speech relative to having missing gaps
  • Dentuers restores teeth functionality in chewing and eating food

Types of Dentures

The type of denture required is dependent on number of remaining natural teeth and individual needs. Dentures may be made from acrylic resin or have metal based framework. There are several types of dentures:

full dentures

Complete dentures

Complete dentures cover the entire jaw and can be used in place of your upper teeth, lower teeth or both. Complete dentures consist of artificial teeth and gums. Complete dentures rest directly on gums and are used for cases with no remaining natural teeth.

partial dentures

Partial dentures

Partial dentures fit around remaining, healthy adjacent teeth. Partial dentures usually have artificial teeth and gum and are usually held in place by clasps that attach to natural teeth. Partial dentures may have a framework made with acrylic resin or metal materials.



Overdentures fit over dental implants. Titanium dental implants acts as anchor support and give the denture stability making the overdentures less likely to shift in mouth.



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