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Amalgam Fillings Versus Composite Resin Fillings

There are two basic types of fillings that may be done after a tooth cavity is removed from teeth:

  1. Traditional Silver Amalgam Fillings or commonly known as silver filling or mercury fillings
  2. Composite Resin Fillings or Tooth-Colored Fillings

Bangkok International Dental Hospital - Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) and Bangkok Dental Group are amalgam-free dental clinics. Our dental clinics uses only composite fillings.

For replacement of old amalgam fillings, additional safe removal of amalgam protocols such as the use of rubberdams may also be opted at our dental clinics (BIDC at Ratchadapesik Rd and Bangkok dental Group) done on request. Please do simply feel free to consult our dentists on them or contact us.

Amalgam Fillings

Advantages of amalgam fillings/ Pros of amalgam fillings

  • amalgam fillings are strong and can withstand heavy biting pressure
  • amalgam filling material are relatively inexpensive
  • Disadvantages of amalgam fillings/ Cons of amalgam fillings
  • amalgam filling material contains mercury and other metals. There are currently no conclusive studies by the ADA concerning the mercury in amalgam to dangers, but mercury by itself is toxic.
  • some individiuals may experience hot and cold sensitivity after amalgam fillings placement for a period of time
  • more tooth structure preparation is removed/done for amalgam fillings
  • amalgam fillings do not harden immediately thus it is advised to avoid chewing on that filled tooth for a couple of hours after the filling is placed

Composite Resin Fillings / Tooth-colored Fillings

Advantages of composite fillings/ Pros of composite fillings

  • composite filling material consists of acrylic and glass particles with no mercury content
  • composite fillings looks natural as it is tooth-colored, the color shades of composite fillings may be matched aesthetically to natural teeth color shades
  • composite filling material hardens quickly for immediate function of teeth
  • less tooth structure is removed due to smaller tooth preparation requirements

Disadvantages of composite fillings/ Cons of composite fillings

  • composite filling in general is more expensive relative to amalgam fillings
  • composite fillings does not get bleached with tooth whitening treatments
  • composite filling in general requires longer treatment timings relative to amalgam fillings