NobelGuide™ Dental Implants™

NobelGuide™ developed by Nobel Biocare as a treatment planning and surgical implementation system tool that enabes extraoral planning with accuracy and ease. With NobelGuide™, the exact position and depth of the dental implants may be seen before surgery. The placement of the dental implant post, abutment and restorative prosthetic may be made simultaneously such as in Teeth-in-an-hour or used simply as a planning guide.

NobelGuide enables a surgical template to be made used to guide implantologists and clinicians during dental implant surgery. NobelGuide may be applied to single dental implants, mulitple unit implants or all missing teeth. The surgical template may be done using either a model-based planning or computer based planning.


Advantages of NobelGuide™

  • Easy, safe and predictable with computer-aided planning
  • Enables flapless surgery, reducing pain and swelling
  • Enables Immediate Function™
  • Allows a pre-made, temporary or final, prosthetic solution ready at time of surgery for "Teeth-in-an-Hour"