Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare dental implants are backed by extensive research and developments as well as after years of use to ensure an optimal success with implant-retained rehabilitations. Nobel Bicoare offer a complete service from start to finish encapsulating the concept of Beautiful Teeth Now™.


Types of Dental Implants from Nobel Biocare


The NobelActive dental implant has high initial stability even in compromised bone situations as its new surface technology contains bone condensing properties allowing for optimal placement. NobelActive is also Built-in Platform Shifting™ with dual-function prosthetic connections.


The NobelReplace™ dental implant enables simplified dental implant procedures and has been clinically suited for almost all indications. The NobelReplace implant family composes of both parallell-walled implants and tapered implants.


The NobelPerfect® dental implant is unique in regards to aesthetics as it is the first implant that replicates natural anatomy with a scalloped design. This design supports the interproximal bone ridge, encourage soft tissue attachment and make natural soft tissue contours possible with implants, thus a complete elimination of 'black triangles'


The NobelDirect dental implant is a one-piece design thus enables variability in vertical placement and easy procedural placement with less grinding.

Brånemark System®

The Brånemark implant system is the first and most versatile implant system used for over forty years with proven clinical success. Branemark implants are used in conjunction for zygoma dental implants simplifies even the most difficult cases. Branemark is one of the most scientifically documented implant system.


NobelSpeedy dental implants are specially designed for increased initial stability in soft bone. Due to its slightly tapered design, NobelSpeedy implants provides good initial stability and is an implant commonly used for immediate function.

Assisting the placement of the various Nobel Biocare dental implant is NobelGuide, a treatment planning and surgical implementation system.

Post dental implant placement, Nobel Biocare offers NobelEsthetics solutions and carries ranges of ceramic materials for prosthetics on implants such as Procera® Crown Alumina and Procera® Crown Zirconia