General Dentists

General dentists do have the license to practice across the full range of dental services. At our center, amongst other treatments our general dentists focuses on general treatments such as scaling/polishing/cleaning, composite fillings, tooth whitening and general checkups.


  • Dr. Wilaiwan Panyavorachart DDS.,

  • Dr. Supphakit Songsuk DDS.,

  • Dr. Pauline Lamsam DDS.,

  • Dr. Savata Na Nagara DDS.,

  • Dr. Phakphum Srinuan DDS.,

  • Dr. Patr Pujarern DDS.,

  • Dr. Sujitra Chaipiyawuthiruk DDS.,

  • Dr. Morakot Kritkulcharoen DDS.,

  • Dr. Tularat Sookto DDS.,

  • Dr. Preecha Kangpitakkul DDS.,

  • Dr. Niramol Omgardwanich DDS.,

  • Dr. Sarochinee Waiyakanee DDS.,

  • Dr. Padcha Kaveerajan DDS.,

  • Dr. Surin Khuanphet DDS.,

  • Dr. Nontapan Teppanich DDS.

  • Dr. Chanasri Banjerdcherdchoo DDS.,

  • Dr. Chatsuda Pawasoottikul DDS.,